For Ceremonies our services include a

For Ceremonies our services include:

  • To give the Bride and Groom peace of mind we include a Pre-site inspection, at the rehearsal, to discuss where and how you'd like the chairs set up. This allows us to work out times and ensure everything is set up on time before your guests arrive. This is included in the price.
  • On the day we will set up as requested, we even wipe all the chairs down just before the guests arrive and pack down again at the end. We wait to ensure you and your guests have moved away before we start packing up, never encroaching on your special moment. Just like your Wedding car drivers we stay in the area the whole booking time (out of sight).

Some venues that we deliver to are

    • Kirks Resivor-Metal Rotunda at the top, Wooden Rotunda on the bottom of the hill and the flat grassy section by the little bridge.
    • Botanical Garden Mt Buningyong.
    • Botanical Gardens - Lake Wendouree - Which gate is the closest to your location.
    • Lake Wendouree - Grassy spot behind Pipers
    • Lake Wendouree - Lake View

We have a minimum chair hire of 40 white folding Ceremony chairs or Crossback chairs.


We'll need the following information:

  • Full name and phone number
  • Your Email address to send official quote to.
  • Date of Ceremony - day month year
  • Time of set up
  • Time guests arrive
  • Time ceremony starts
  • TIme ceremony finishes - how long is the area booked for
  • Venue location, including street address and nearest access points of where the truck can park and drop the chairs off, especially if the area is far way or a trolley can not be used, most place require all the chairs to be carried, which we do as part of the service to you
  • How many chairs - approx.
    • Minimum chair hire 40 White Folding Chairs or 40 Crossback Chairs

These services are included in the price.

  • Setting up and wiping the chairs just before the service.
  • Site Inspection is included the delivery price - at the rehearsal before your event to discuss how you would like it set up.

We look forward to working with you soon.

Note: We only keep your personal information for the duration of processing your order.

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