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Event Delivery, Setup & Pack down

We care about our clients, it's more than delivering furniture.
It's a pleasure to watch you put your style together with our furniture and products and create a memorable day for you and your guests.

For Ceremonies go to this page

For Receptions our service includes

  • Delivery 1-2 days before your event, depending on the venue - we recommend a Thursday delivery so you have plenty of time to prepare, a one truck load can take up to 2hours to unload and set up the tables. Depending on your order an extra truck load may be required.
  • If your reception is outside, our products will need to be stored undercover overnight, we can discuss delivery and pickup options further.
  • We can set up tables and chairs how you would like them.
  • If on the day of delivery you realise that you have under ordered you can add on, if we have any stock available. - we recommend you add up you guests plus your bridal party to ensure you have everyone included.
  • Pick up on Monday which means you can still use our equipment for some pre and post event parties. Some venues require a Sunday pickup which is charged at Sunday rates.

Go to our Contact page to find out all the information you need to place an order for your next event

For other events we will

  • Delivery 1-2 days before the event,
  • If it is for a Friday event we will pick up on the Monday unless your venue requires a Sunday pickup.
  • We can set up tables and chairs if required.

Saturday / Sunday delivery/pick ups of any event will incur a surcharge.

Ask us

If you are looking for an item that we do not stock,  or quantities higher than what we have, just ask us, we may be able to source or purchase what you need.

Important Info

When asking for a quote please provide:

  • Day, Month Year and Times
  • The street address or venue of the event
  • How many guests?
  • Products you are interested in
  • Go here to find the complete checklist Contact Us

*Terms and conditions apply and are available to read here.

**Fees for Set up and Pack down depend on date, location, accessibility, quantity of equipment and venue time requirements.

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